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Plasmaterials - Plasma Technology for the Thin Film Industry, including sputtering targets, crucible liners & evaporation materials.
All evaporation materials from Aluminum to Zinc and alloys or compounds
Composition Product Name Download MSDS
Ag SilverDownload PDF
AlAluminumDownload PDF
Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide, AluminaDownload PDF
AlF3 Aluminum Fluoride, Aluminum TrifluorideDownload PDF
AlNAluminum NitrideDownload PDF
BBoronDownload PDF
B4C Boron Carbide, Tetraboron Carbide, NorbideDownload PDF
BaBariumDownload PDF
BaOBarium OxideDownload PDF
BaTiO3 Barium TitanateDownload PDF
BeOBeryllium OxideDownload PDF
Bi4TiO3 Bismuth TitanateDownload PDF
BNBoron NitrideDownload PDF
BPBoron PhosphideDownload PDF
CaCalciumDownload PDF
CaF2 Calcium FluorideDownload PDF
CaSCalcium SulphideDownload PDF
CdSCadmium Sulphide, Cadmium Monosulphide, GreenockiteDownload PDF
CdSeCadmium SelenideDownload PDF
CdTeCadmium Telluride, Cadmium MonotellurideDownload PDF
CeCeriumDownload PDF
CeF3 Cerium Fluoride, Cerous Fluoride, Cerium TrifluorideDownload PDF
CeO2 Cerium Oxide, Cerium Dioxide, Ceric Oxide, Ceria, Cerium IIIDownload PDF
CoCobaltDownload PDF
Cr2N Chromium NitrideDownload PDF
Cr2O3 Chromium OxideDownload PDF
CrChromiumDownload PDF
CrSi2 Chromium SilicideDownload PDF
CsO2 Cesium OxideDownload PDF
CuCopperDownload PDF
ErErbiumDownload PDF
Eu2O3 Europium OxideDownload PDF
EuEuropiumDownload PDF
FeIronDownload PDF
Fe2O3 Iron OxideDownload PDF
GaGalliumDownload PDF
Ga2O3 Gallium OxideDownload PDF
GeGermaniumDownload PDF
HfHafniumDownload PDF
HfCHafnium CarbideDownload PDF
HfO2 Hafnium OxideDownload PDF
HfSi2 Hafnium SilicideDownload PDF
InIndiumDownload PDF
In2O3 Indium OxideDownload PDF
In(90)Sn(10)Indium Tin AlloyDownload PDF
InSeIndium SelenideDownload PDF
IrIridiumDownload PDF
In2O3-SnO2 Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Download PDF
LaLanthanumDownload PDF
LaB6 Lanthanum HexaborideDownload PDF
LaF3 Lanthanum FluorideDownload PDF
LiLithiumDownload PDF
LiFLithium FluorideDownload PDF
LiMn2O4 Lithium Manganese OxideDownload PDF
LiPLithium PhosphideDownload PDF
MgMagnesiumDownload PDF
MgF2Magnesium FluorideDownload PDF
MnManganeseDownload PDF
MnO2 Manganese OxideDownload PDF
MoMolybdenumDownload PDF
MoS2 Molybdenum SulphideDownload PDF
NaFSodium FluorideDownload PDF
NbNiobiumDownload PDF
Nd2O3Neodymium OxideDownload PDF
NiNickelDownload PDF
NiCrNickel ChromiumDownload PDF
NiONickel OxideDownload PDF
PbLeadDownload PDF
PbSLead Sulphide Download PDF
PtPlatinumDownload PDF
SbAntimonyDownload PDF
SeSeleniumDownload PDF
SiSiliconDownload PDF
SiCSilicon Carbide, Carbon Silicide, Carorundum, SilundumDownload PDF
SiOSilicon MonoxideDownload PDF
Si3N4Silicon NitrideDownload PDF
SmSamariumDownload PDF
Sm2O3 Samarium OxideDownload PDF
SnTinDownload PDF
SnO2Tin OxideDownload PDF
SnSbTin AntimonyDownload PDF
SrF2Strontium FluorideDownload PDF
SrOStrontium OxideDownload PDF
SrSStrontium SulfideDownload PDF
SrTiO3Strontium TitanateDownload PDF
TaTantalumDownload PDF
Ta2O5 Tantalum Oxide, Tantalum Pentoxide, Tantalum (V) OxideDownload PDF
TeTelluriumDownload PDF
ThO2Thorium OxideDownload PDF
TiTitaniumDownload PDF
TiCTitanium CarbideDownload PDF
WTungstenDownload PDF
WCTungsten CarbideDownload PDF
W-TiTungsten-TitaniumDownload PDF
YYttriumDownload PDF
YbYtterbiumDownload PDF
ZnZincDownload PDF
ZnOZinc OxideDownload PDF
ZrZirconiumDownload PDF


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