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Plasmaterials - Plasma Technology for the Thin Film Industry, including sputtering targets, crucible liners & evaporation materials.
All evaporation materials from Aluminum to Zinc and alloys or compounds

Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD has become an established commercial process for manufacturing all types of thin film products. Whether through a momentum transfer of charged ions to individual atoms (sputtering) or a direct transfer of amplified light to a material target (laser ablation), a collimated source of accelerated focused ion beam bombardment directly to a material target (ion deposition) or thermal transfer (evaporation) resultant films can be deposited on selective substrates to produce products which are technologically advanced, less expensive, easier to fabricate, lighter in weight and more refined than their bulk material counterparts.

Through PVD, virtually every element, alloy, composite or refractory material can be transformed from bulk to thin film form. These processes and products span a wide range of commercial industries as well as playing a leading role in material and technology development. Plasmaterials, Inc. offers these materials in many different forms including evaporation pellets, wire, powder, electron beam starter sources or sputtering targets.

As a worldwide manufacture and marketer of specialty materials for use in the thin film industry, Plasmaterials, Inc. offers a diversified range of products that span from ceramics, metals, and elemental forms for use in R&D, pilot and full-scale production. Most materials can be fabricated in specific geometries to fit all commercially available, as well as custom designed systems. These products include ceramics, nitrides, carbides, oxides, refractories, zone refined materials, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals.


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